Monday, 21 April 2008

Hope they've got some Earplugs!

The first thing I have to show you is this......

Yes, it's a chocolate cake - here is what the photographer (Chotda) has to say:- "Professor Sprout's chocolate mandrake cake, made by my friend Veronica's bakery, 'Cup and Saucer', for the book launch/movie premiere of whatever is next in line for the Harry Potter series. It is a terracotta pot with devil's food cake, covered in devil's food crumbs, and a gumpaste/pastillage mandrake root embedded on top. don't forget to wear your earmuffs when you pull him out--or else! "

How fabulous is this?


Emma Wigworthy said...

That's amazing!! So clever!

Lavender A said...

That is SO brilliant.